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User Guide#

This guide contains an overview of Package Manager's web-based user interface, as well as instructions for configuring your data science environment to install packages from Package Manager.

Overview and Navigation#

From the Package Manager welcome page, click the Get Started button. The main page displays:

Package Manager repository view screenshot, with repository drop-down in the main navigation bar, the repository packages search field, and the menu expanded

The Package Manager navigation bar features a:

  • Repository drop-down menu
  • Packages search field
  • SETUP button

The links to view additional details and all other menu options can be displayed by clicking the menu button at the upper-right corner of the UI.

Here is an overview of some of the menu options that are available:

Link Description
Packages Search or browse the packages available in the repository
Activity View a log of when packages were added, archived, or deleted from the repository
Select Distribution Set your distribution for R binary packages
What's New News about the latest feature updates in Package Manager

License Tiers#

The documentation applies to all license tiers of Posit Package Manager (Basic, Enhanced, Advanced), unless the section is specifically marked Enhanced or Advanced , in which case it only applies to the indicated tier(s).